Over $100 million in advertising revenue for our media company clients… and counting!

The Blinder Group Revenue Generation model for a client media company typically includes:

Consulting & Sales Program Development

The Blinder Group reviews all client multimedia offerings (both legacy and digital) and reveals “best practices” on how to maximize revenue from these solutions. Plus if necessary, we advise on the acquisition or development of new products or platforms. During the consulting process we also use our experience from the hundreds of markets and media companies we serve to craft the most effective, ready-to-implement multimedia sales programs available that will generate maximum revenue.

Sales Team Training

The Blinder Group has trained thousands of media sales reps on how to effectively take all media products to market through a program we call the Multimedia Master Class. The course is completely customizable to fit the market size or skill level of the attendees. Plus, we educate on all local products and solutions offered. We can also “weave” in content on basic selling tactics gleaned from our C1 Selling System. In short, the local sales force receives world class training on all aspects of effective media sales

New Customer Acquisition

The Blinder Group can also host Local Advertiser Workshops in order to educate local small -to-medium sized business owners on how to effectively market with all forms of multimedia solutions. Plus, we can feature the new, tailored products and packages we have crafted as well, thus creating desire from the attendees to seek out our client media companies as a new customer for these sales programs.

On The Street Training

The Blinder Group’s Team, highly experienced Associate Consultant/Trainers are experts at of all forms of multi media solutions (both legacy and digital). Plus, each one posses years of personal experience in all facets of media sales and management. When we deploy an Associate Consultant/Trainer to a local market, they instantly win the respect of the local sales force and all small- to medium-sized business owners (SMBs) our media clients serve.
The Blinder Group’s motto is we “train in the car as well as the classroom” which means our team of Associate Consultant/Trainers rides with the local sales force, meeting with local small- to-medium sized business owners to assist in presenting the products and programs we have designed and trained on, resulting in thousands of new customers for our media clients each year!