The Blinder Group engages with THOUSANDS of small- to medium-sized business owners (SMBs) each year through our global media company clients. We truly understand the needs of these local businesses and help our clients help their advertisers grow business through effective multimedia advertising strategies!

The Blinder Group works exclusively with media companies to review all multimedia offerings (both legacy and digital). We reveal “best practices” on how to maximize revenue as well as help our clients build long-term relationships among their audience and advertisers. If necessary we can even advise on the acquisition or development of new products or platforms, through recommended “best of breed” vendors, to assist in all sales program development. In short, we help craft the best multimedia sales strategies available for our media client partners.

Most of our our media clients schedule a 1/2-day “Stakeholders’ Workshop” with all local sales, digital/ legacy media and marketing management. The purpose of this workshop is to review the best methods for strategic multimedia deployment along with possible pricing and packaging of sales initiatives being planned.

We then can work with local management to help craft ready-to-implement sales programs that will meet the needs of local sales management in creating sizable new revenue.

We will make sure that all sales programs developed will:

  • Have a timeline of specific sales cycles so each can be deployed to impact company-wide projected revenues
  • Be targeted to a logical, realistic, “robust” potential customer base
  • Incorporate a pricing model that creates acceptable incentives for sales performance
  • Have an overall intrinsic benefit, beyond revenue, to help strengthen all aspects of the media company’s objectives of building long-term relationships among their audience and advertisers