The Blinder Group truly understands the needs of local small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and the media companies that help them connect with their local markets. Hosted by a local media company, the Local Advertiser Workshop is a powerful, dynamic, information filled program, showing local SMBs that there’s still tremendous opportunity for all on the World Wide Web.

The Local Advertiser Workshop includes:

  • What small businesses invest in marketing
  • Latest metrics, methods and why this is so necessary in a challenging economy
  • The secrets to effective marketing
  • What it take to ensure success in advertising regardless of the media used
  • Making marketing messages work
  • What you need to say to turn readers into customers, cost-effectively!
  • The digital marketing revolution
  • Using the web, social media, mobile marketing & search for increased results

The Local Advertiser Workshop will also feature the local media company’s latest multimedia offerings so attendees can get an idea of what local online advertising opportunities are available. The attendee leaves with powerful knowledge and good ideas for using the Web to grow his or her own business.

Many local Chambers of Commerce have also sponsored these events. Inquire about availability