When was the last time a sales trainer closed a deal with a local business? The Blinder Group does it every day—5000+ sales calls last year alone, netting millions in local media sales. Through our Client 1st Selling Web-based Sales Training system, industry expert Mike Blinder will personally guide media sales teams through the essential content they need for success.

Client 1st Selling

offers compelling content delivered in an exciting, fast-paced format to capture a media team’s attention, ensuring results. Completely web-based, this content can be accessed at the office, home or even in the field via a mobile device. Salespeople can log in to view a complete module or individual content segments at any time. Plus, there are questions at the end of every segment that must be completed to make sure the material has been learned and retained—managers can receive the salesperson’s scores in order to coach them through problem areas.

Client 1st Selling includes:

  • Six 45-minute web-based training modules
  • A corresponding workbook (for both management and salespeople) to assist them in understanding and adapting the concepts into their day-to-day selling practices
  • Support materials that can be used in the field by managers and salespeople to put these systems to work

Client 1st Selling features content on:

  • Prospecting new business
  • Rapport building
  • Proper call prep
  • Performing a necessary ascertainment
  • Making effective proposals and presentations
  • Meeting objections/negotiating a close

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