No one sales development firm has successfully trained more media sales reps on how to effectively take digital products to market than The Blinder Group. The Multimedia Master Class offers in-depth training for advertising sales reps on how to take all media solutions (both legacy and digital) to market as part of the their day-to-day offerings. The course is completely customizable to fit the client’s exact needs. All content is tailored to fit the market size or skill level of the attendees. Plus, we educate on all local products and pricing models as part of the course content.

The Multimedia Master Class can de delivered in half- or full -day sessions and is designed for both an inside and/or outside sales force.

The Multimedia Master Class content may include (but is not limited to):

  • Latest Audience Trends (plus any local data on your offerings)
  • The Basics of the Media (terms and technology)
  • How to Price the Product on a Sales Call Using Your Targeted Rates (CPM selling)
  • How to “Blend” Online with Traditional Media–Or, Sell It On Its Own
  • Prospecting New Multimedia Business
  • Making an Effective Multimedia Sales Call
  • The Exact Elements of a Winning Multimedia Campaign
  • Good Online Ads vs. Bad Online Ads
  • Best Methods for Closing More Multimedia Business
  • What It Takes to Complete the Process (file types, media types, what this all means, etc.)
  • The Qualities of the Best Multimedia Salespeople (motivational element)

Plus attendees receive The Blinder Group’s:

  • Top 20 Objections and Counters to Closing
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Top 10 Features and Benefits of Multimedia Selling