Local Advertiser Workshops

The Blinder Group truly understands the needs of local small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and the media companies that help them connect with their local markets. Hosted by a local media company, the Local Advertiser Workshop is a powerful, dynamic, information filled program, showing local SMBs that there’s still tremendous opportunity for all on the World Wide Web.


The Multimedia Masterclass

The Multimedia Master Class offers in-depth training for advertising sales reps on how to take all media solutions (both legacy and digital) to market as part of the their day-to-day offerings. The course is customizable to fit the client’s needs. All content is tailored to fit the market size or skill level of the attendees. Plus, we educate on all local products and pricing models as part of the course content.

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C1 Selling System – Basic Sales Training

When was the last time a sales trainer closed a deal with a local business? The Blinder Group does it every day—5000+ sales calls last year alone, netting millions in local media sales. Through our Client 1st Selling Web-based Sales Training system, industry expert Mike Blinder will personally guide media sales teams through the essential content they need for success.

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