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Barbara Wickman, Blinder Group Associate Sales Trainer


Senior Associate
Sales Trainer

Barbara Wickman brings to The Blinder Group 26 years of sales and marketing experience. Barbara has worked with hundreds of small businesses coast-to-coast, as well as Fortune 500 companies, as a business consultant for CMGI's "Zip2" initiative. In that capacity she met small, medium and large businesses - in markets all over North America - as she trained advertising salespeople on how to bring multimedia solutions to their customers.

Barbara Wickman is a passionate sales person who brings to The Blinder Group 30 plus years sales experience. In the past Barbara has enjoyed a successful 20 year career in the office furnishings industry pioneering new concepts such as modular workstations, ergonomic seating and ergonomic workspace environments before the vernacular became a workplace lexicon. Barbara felt compelled to pursue a new adventure in an emerging technology after learning about the Internet. In 1998 when Barbara Wickman embarked on a career with she had the foresight to realize that online media was the future. During the past eleven years Barbara has worked with thousands of medium to small size businesses throughout the United States, Canada and some cities in Europe helping businesses in laymen's terms successfully maximize an online advertising campaign that has attracted many new customers for the respective media she’s worked with.

Barbara has been working with The Blinder Group for the last eight years working with over 40 media properties per year. She intently listens to the customer's needs, goals and trends to better understand what how she can develop an online advertising solution to construct a win/win opportunity for the advertiser and media property. Barbara has an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm that becomes contagious wherever she is working.

Additionally, Barbara creates time to enjoy such hobbies as tap dancing, skiing, golf and Toastmasters. Barbara resides between Lake Tahoe and San Diego where she enjoys visits with her friends and family.

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