Did you miss yesterday’s webinar on how to leverage digital to sell traditional media?

We pretty much had a full “virtual” house as Vendasta’s co-founder & CMO Jeff Tomlin and The Blinder Group president Mike Blinder discussed how blending digital solutions into your day-to-day sales tactics can result in HUGE gains in legacy media sales.

"I will never say digital is not important, but newspapers are still getting a good deal of that local advertising dollar,” said Mike Blinder during the webinar.

Mike shared great insights and research on why blending digital and legacy is so important as well as gave details on packages and presentations that have been used in markets throughout the U.S. to generate new ad revenue for media companies. “If we tell the story properly, if we package it properly, if we go to market with energy, with fervor…if we get that damn swagger back, we can have a pretty good year.”

Ready to head into your own market with energy and fervor?

You can watch the entire webinar by clicking here.

You can also get many of the support materials (including sales presentation decks) mentioned during the webinar by clicking here.