Some time ago we reported that native advertising was a fast growing advertising trend at both the national and local levels.

A Business Insider report recently put some numbers on the trend, and those numbers are astounding.  After growing to nearly $8 billion in spending in 2015, native is set to nearly triple to $21 billion in 2018!  That's a pie you might want to grab your share of if you operate a newspaper or radio station in a competitive local market.  

Folks, the easiest and most successful engagements we did in 2015 with local media company clients around the country were those that incorporated a native advertising component.  Local advertisers get it.  They put a high value on sponsored content appearing in a local media environment, both on legacy platforms and online.  If there is a sweet spot in terms of new revenue opporunity for 2106, it is NATIVE ADVERTISING.    

What's more, you can have a high degree of confidence in outcomes for your advertisers.  Business Inside reported that native perform better than traditional display, particularly on mobile platforms.

Click here to sign up for a Webinar on January 19 where we will show you step by step how we incorporated native advertising in a two week sales campaign that brought in over $400,000 in new revenue for one local newspaper company.

If you want to roar into 2016 on a pace to beat budget, native is your secret weapon.  Give us a call today and let's start mapping a strategy we can take to market with you as early as the first quarter.  We have proven ways to beat your competitors to the punch.





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