Thinking of implementing a CRM system?  Mike Blinder thinks that would be a wise move.  “Many media companies are implementing some form of a CRM system,” said Mike during a recent interview with  “They are realizing the need to keep track of customers and get results.” 

However, if you feel a CRM system is just another database or report generator you probably won’t reap the benefits being seen by so many media companies.  “The trick with CRM is it being used to manage customers,” said Mike.  “I’d like to see it used more as a management tool, as a coach to get the troops to do their job effectively.” 

Here are tips from the article for getting the most out of your CRM system:

Coach your sales team using the CRM by examining the metrics weekly.  “Seeing the data in black and white can help managers guide account executives to the best

Get support from the top.  Make sure that part of the training “includes talking to upper management about the importance of its role in encouraging effective use of the CRM.”

Invest the time.  Have managers take the time to understand how to use the system for their day-to-day operations.  It will become such a valuable tool, you won’t be able to manage sales without it.

Integrate into other systems.  If possible, see if your CRM system can be integrated into your company’s accounting or business systems or event email.  “Many also have mobile apps available for smartphones and tablets.”

Get trained.  Contract trainers that can provide onsite training and work with your managers and sales reps on utilizing the system in order to receive maximum benefit.

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