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This year, The Blinder Group has generated over $5 million in new ad revenue for our client media companies, with nearly one half attributed to new legacy print dollars from new local advertisers!

There's no question that we need to focus on building our audiences and revenues from the digital side. However, does that mean our core, most profitable asset, has to be ignored?

George Leith, vice president of sales for Vendasta Technologies, and Mike Blinder, president of The Blinder Group, will be discussing how blending digital solutions into your day-to-day sales tactics can result in HUGE gains in legacy media sales. "Mike's deep understanding of media advertising sales is tremendous advantage and learning tool for media companies who want to unlock their full sales potential," said Leith.  "Vendasta is excited to have the opportunity to partner with The Blinder Group in this webinar, and to share our experiences and best practices to enable success for local marketers."

Please join them for this discussion on Wednesday, December 14th from 1-2 PM EST as we host a FREE WEBINAR on leveraging digital to sell traditional media. Click here to register now--virtual "seats" are limited for this one-time event.

Hope to see you online on the 14th!

Five digital elements that will make your local business proposals sizzle in 2015.

If you are in the business of providing marketing solutions for local SMB's, now is the time to hone proposals that will drive new revenue and market share for your clients in the coming year.

Throughout 2014, we saw our local media company clients lock up market share and further position their newspaper or station as the number one full service digital provider in the local market.  The winning formula typically included:

- A mix of traditional and digital ad units;

- Meaningful digital services, so that the package could be presented as a "complete marketing program" with enough meat on the bone to freeze out competitors;

- Realistic pricing, with a drop down option for the smallest, one location businesses.  Generally our experience is that if the lowest priced package costs more than $400, your campaign will exclude a significant percentage of small businesses.  

Looking ahead, we see five elements that will hook local clients on your bundled offerings:

1.  NATIVE ADVERTISING.  This is the element with the most sizzle potential - the sexiest of the sexy.  Sponsored Content and other forms of Native Advertising started getting traction with national brands a couple of years ago.  In its review of Native Advertising in 2014, Ad Age prominently featured efforts by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.  We believe that all this attention has created a ripe environment for Sponsored Content on Main St USA.  In 2014 we found a high awareness of Native Advertising among local business owners.  In sales campaigns where our media clients utilized Native Advertising as a component of their bundled programs, we closed over 70% of qualified sales calls!  

2.  SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.  Over the past few years, Facebook did a tremendous job of heightening the awareness of local business owners to the opportunity of social media.  Now that many local businesses have invested time, energy and money in building significant audiences ("likes") on their business Facebook page, Facebook is pulling the rug out from under them, severely limiting the distribution of business posts in the hope that they can force local businesses to buy Facebook ads.  Local business owners and managers are upset, and with clever strategies we can help them maintain and increase the power of their social media presence.  Most local media companies also have the resources to build and maintain a YouTube channel for their local clients - a powerful draw in a world where the Internet is quickly becoming a video driven medium.

3.  MOBILE.  This is the "duhh" feature on the list.  Most local business owners are presold on the notion that mobile use is exploding in our society, and those businesses that find an effective mobile marketing solution will leave competitors in the dust.  Be prepared to make all parts of your offering "mobile ready."

4.  REACH EXTENSION.  Any network that can serve up local digital ad impressions that go beyond the reach of your company's website will quickly get a business owner's attention.  If you can layer in demographic and behavioral targeting, and reach areas that go beyond your traditional geographic footprint, then this part of your program will propel many sales that you might otherwise miss.

5.  LEADS MANAGEMENT.  This can be as simple as adding an email marketing or SMS text promotion element to your programs, or as sophisticated as products being offered by companies such as Adstrix, which allow your clients to track all their leads from all sources in a single database.  Businesses are in love with the idea of increasing repeat business from existing customers, and if you can provide a good lead generation tracking solution at a reasonable cost, you will be a hero.

If you want help in shaping these ideas into a meaningful program that you can take to market to drive new revenue and ace out local and national competitors for digital spending, just give us a call.





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