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10 Deadly Sins of Local Media Sales Reps - #10


As we travel around the country working with local media sales reps, we are astounded at the misuse of jargon and abbreviations in conversations with advertisers and agencies..

These sins fall into two categories:  outgoing and incoming.

Outgoing.  That's when a rep casually inserts abbreviations or jargon into conversations or sales presentations.  Recently an advertiser recounted that when she pressed a rep on a question about value, he responded "Well...we have analytics."  Oy vey.  

That's a great example, because if you live in the world or advertising, the term "analytics" may indeed be used every day around you, and you may have at least a good general sense of what the word means.  But without enhancement, the word might mean nothing to some advertisers.  The same can be said about common abbreviations such as SEO, SEM, CPC and so on.  Those letters are Greek to many advertisers, and in fact they will be put off or put to sleep if a presentation contains too many terms they do not understand.

The rep in the aforementioned anecdote might have won the day by simply taking his feature statement a bit further..."We provide meaningful analytics, which of course is just a fancy word for reports and measurements.  Let me describe some of the key statistics you will see in your monthly report from us, and how the numbers can really help you measure ROI...or return on investment...from your campaign..."

That approach works even if the advertiser already has a thorough understanding of the terms "analytics"...and "ROI."  

The basic premise here is to put yourself in the mind of the advertiser to whom you are presenting.  A little enhancement goes a long way.  These days we are often presenting "native advertising" as a feature of a local sales package, but we never drop that term into the presentation without saying something like this..."You'll be getting a strong native advertising component with this package.  Native advertising is jsut a term that the Harvard MBA's use to describe making your message about your business look more like a story and less like a traditional ad."  Here again, the clarification is helpful even if the advertiser is totally familiar with the term.

Incoming.  This happens most often with agency folks, who often have a habit of breaking the "no jargon" rule to the max.  The response needs to be that if the rep does not understand a term or abbreviation that is thrown out, he must slow the conversation down for clarification..."John just to be clear, how are you defining API?"  This does not make you look stupid, but pretending to understand an acronym might.

Click here to see a long list of digital marketing abbreviations from a helpful digital expert named Anubhav Garg.  This should be saved and reviewed frequently by anyone who sells local advertising for a living.  Thank you Anubhav!

If you'd like to know more about all 10 deadly sins, and what you can do about them, don't hesitate to give The Blinder Group a shout.  Our first quarter is filling up fast, but some training dates are still available.  





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