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Native advertising is your key to explosive growth in 2016.

Some time ago we reported that native advertising was a fast growing advertising trend at both the national and local levels.

A Business Insider report recently put some numbers on the trend, and those numbers are astounding.  After growing to nearly $8 billion in spending in 2015, native is set to nearly triple to $21 billion in 2018!  That's a pie you might want to grab your share of if you operate a newspaper or radio station in a competitive local market.  

Folks, the easiest and most successful engagements we did in 2015 with local media company clients around the country were those that incorporated a native advertising component.  Local advertisers get it.  They put a high value on sponsored content appearing in a local media environment, both on legacy platforms and online.  If there is a sweet spot in terms of new revenue opporunity for 2106, it is NATIVE ADVERTISING.    

What's more, you can have a high degree of confidence in outcomes for your advertisers.  Business Inside reported that native perform better than traditional display, particularly on mobile platforms.

Click here to sign up for a Webinar on January 19 where we will show you step by step how we incorporated native advertising in a two week sales campaign that brought in over $400,000 in new revenue for one local newspaper company.

If you want to roar into 2016 on a pace to beat budget, native is your secret weapon.  Give us a call today and let's start mapping a strategy we can take to market with you as early as the first quarter.  We have proven ways to beat your competitors to the punch.





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10 Deadly Sins of Local Media Sales Reps - #10


As we travel around the country working with local media sales reps, we are astounded at the misuse of jargon and abbreviations in conversations with advertisers and agencies..

These sins fall into two categories:  outgoing and incoming.

Outgoing.  That's when a rep casually inserts abbreviations or jargon into conversations or sales presentations.  Recently an advertiser recounted that when she pressed a rep on a question about value, he responded "Well...we have analytics."  Oy vey.  

That's a great example, because if you live in the world or advertising, the term "analytics" may indeed be used every day around you, and you may have at least a good general sense of what the word means.  But without enhancement, the word might mean nothing to some advertisers.  The same can be said about common abbreviations such as SEO, SEM, CPC and so on.  Those letters are Greek to many advertisers, and in fact they will be put off or put to sleep if a presentation contains too many terms they do not understand.

The rep in the aforementioned anecdote might have won the day by simply taking his feature statement a bit further..."We provide meaningful analytics, which of course is just a fancy word for reports and measurements.  Let me describe some of the key statistics you will see in your monthly report from us, and how the numbers can really help you measure ROI...or return on investment...from your campaign..."

That approach works even if the advertiser already has a thorough understanding of the terms "analytics"...and "ROI."  

The basic premise here is to put yourself in the mind of the advertiser to whom you are presenting.  A little enhancement goes a long way.  These days we are often presenting "native advertising" as a feature of a local sales package, but we never drop that term into the presentation without saying something like this..."You'll be getting a strong native advertising component with this package.  Native advertising is jsut a term that the Harvard MBA's use to describe making your message about your business look more like a story and less like a traditional ad."  Here again, the clarification is helpful even if the advertiser is totally familiar with the term.

Incoming.  This happens most often with agency folks, who often have a habit of breaking the "no jargon" rule to the max.  The response needs to be that if the rep does not understand a term or abbreviation that is thrown out, he must slow the conversation down for clarification..."John just to be clear, how are you defining API?"  This does not make you look stupid, but pretending to understand an acronym might.

Click here to see a long list of digital marketing abbreviations from a helpful digital expert named Anubhav Garg.  This should be saved and reviewed frequently by anyone who sells local advertising for a living.  Thank you Anubhav!

If you'd like to know more about all 10 deadly sins, and what you can do about them, don't hesitate to give The Blinder Group a shout.  Our first quarter is filling up fast, but some training dates are still available.  





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Everything we needed to know about social media we learned from Taylor Swift!

Well, not really...but according to Joshua Swanson's article in Digiday, Swift's "true genius" is in her use of social media.

The article is perhaps targeted to celebs, but celebs are just a specific type of brand.  Swanson's articles contain great lessons for media companies and their local business clients alike...and perhaps "celebritization" is something we should all be thinking about more.  Car dealers and Realtors have understood this principle since long before the Internet came around.

Taylor lesson #1 - "it's not all about you" - is something we have been telling our clients for years.

To read all the Taylor-isms click here:

Stay tuned for our next segment: PeeWee Herman's ten tips for improving sponsored content.  (j/k)

If you want to talk about how strong social marketing strategies can improve your local market share, send us a selfie, or just shoot us an old fashioned email.





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New Revenue Secrets from Canadian Media Companies

How did two Canadian media companies drive over $2 million in new revenue in the past few months?

Mike Blinder recently hosted a live Webinar from the Inland Press Association meeting in Chicago, and was joined by two panelists:

- John Knowles, Digital Director for TC Media

- Peter Kvarnstrom, President of Community Media at Glacier Media Group


- TC Media generated $1.5 million in new revenue in one month!  Glacier brought in $540,000.

- Multi Platform Bundles reward advertisers for using print plus digital to achieve desired impact in the market.

- TC Media offered extended reach in local markets beyond the newspaper website by tapping their National Network.

- Glacier achieved extended reach by including demographic, contextual and site retargeting from their vendor,

- Advertisers chose between Instant Impact or Frequency Branding options.  Instant Impact programs include larger ads run less frequently, and are popular with clients who have special offers seeking direct results.  Frequency Branding programs offer smaller ads run more frequently, and appeal to clients who are more interested in long term positioning in the market.

- Local businesses have a strong appetite to leverage social media, so special Facebook programs were included, and were a big selling point in the programs that were offered.  A vendor called Friends2Follow offers a product that dynamically flows clients' Facebook posts onto the pages of the newspaper website, thus solving the problem of limited audience for posts due to Facebook's new rules for business pages.  Now thousands of new viewers see every post the client submits.

- Both companies emphasized reach and frequency in their selling, capitalizing on their combined print/online reach in local markets that blows the competition away.  Most local newspapers are delivering over 70% local penetration among adults.

- Both markets kicked off their efforts with client workshops featuring Mike Blinder.  These free sessions provided marketing education and direction for clients, and helped create demand for followup sales calls during the sales blitz week in each market.

To view the full Webinar just CLICK HERE.

To learn more about how Blinder Group solutions can help your media company grow revenue CLICK HERE.









What Does It Take to be an Entrepreneur? Ask Mike!

Mike Blinder was recently featured on the podcast Entrepreneur On Fire—sharing insights into how he moved from being a college DJ into becoming one of the top digital marketing experts for the media industry.   “I’m a big believer in entrepreneurial faith and taking the leap,” said Mike during the interview.

At the beginning of the interview, Mike shared his favorite “Success Quote” from mentor Ivan Burnell:  “I am important.  So is everyone else.  I will never use my importance to put someone else down, and I will never allow their importance to put me down.” 

How does he apply this quote to his life?  “In life and in business, what you are trying to do, in my humble opinion, is establish equality with the person you’re with.   Without that equality, how do you communicate?  When you engage with a human being, 93% of the process is nonverbal.  It’s how  you’re being perceived the energy you exude.  And that’s always carried with me over the past few decades and helped me to grow my business and my life.”


Click here to listen to the entire interview and find out Mike’s “Entrepreneurial AHA Moment.”