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The Hot Button for Local Businesses in 2015

Over the past few years Native Advertising has taken Wall Street and national advertisers by storm, and now that same storm is brewing on Main Street USA.

Click here to read what Jaci Smith has to say about Native Advertising for smaller newspaper companies.  Smith, managing editor of the Faribault Daily News, has put native ad programs on her agenda for 2015, and is doing major research on the subject.  She will update her findings at the 2015 Key Executives Mega Conference February 23-25 in Atlanta.  That sounds like a reason to make a trip to Atlanta. 

Smith cites tight resources at smaller papers as a major hurdle that must be overcome in order for local media companies to be winners in the Native Advertising arena.

At The Blinder Group, we agree with Smith about the growing importance of Native Advertising solutions, and we feel her pain regarding tight resources.  We worked with many clients in 2014 who were operating with reduced head counts - looking to do more with less.

The Blinder Group has been working behind the scenes to develop technology and sales strategies around Native Advertising, so that our media clients will be ready in 2015 as we take meaningful digital ad/services programs to market for local advertisers.

We are also working to address the tight resources issue.  We have created a content team that can handle outsourcing of any content needs a local media company might have in regard to Native Advertising programs.  This solution is up and running, and we can provide quick turnaround of your native advertising story assignments right now.

Call us today and let's talk about how Native Advertising can help grow your revenue and market share in 2015 and beyond.





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