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Would your local media reps pass basic training?

Gordon Borrell doesn't always tell us what we want to hear, but he does tell the truth - and his truth is always backed up by data.

In a recent LinkedIn article Gordon reports on a study he did to investigate What SMB's Want From Local Media.

Gordon's pie chart indicates that 39% of the local business respondents want "Better pricing and better ROI."  OK, no surprise there.

The number two response is more revealing.  13% of those surveyed cited a need for "Better educated sales reps."

This mirrors what we see in our work in the field as we provide training for local media reps across America.

Give your sales reps this pop quiz, and prepared to be shocked:

- Describe the market area of our newspaper/station?

- How many readers/listeners does our newspaper/station attract in an average week?

- Describe the demograghic makeup of that audience, in terms of age, income, and male/female split?

- How many people visit your website in an average week or month?  How many page views do those visitors generate?

In our experience it is rare that a rep can answer those basic questions in a cogent, professional manner.

For extra credit, if you are a newspaper publisher, stop your reps on their way out of your building and expect them how big a 2 column X 5 inch ad is.  We are constantly amazed that reps struggle with this basic question, with many resorting to showing an approximate size using their fingers!

If the results of this quiz alarm you, it means you have some basic training to perform.  Call us if we can help.





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