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Posts from 2014-09-03

What Does It Take to be an Entrepreneur? Ask Mike!

Mike Blinder was recently featured on the podcast Entrepreneur On Fire—sharing insights into how he moved from being a college DJ into becoming one of the top digital marketing experts for the media industry.   “I’m a big believer in entrepreneurial faith and taking the leap,” said Mike during the interview.

At the beginning of the interview, Mike shared his favorite “Success Quote” from mentor Ivan Burnell:  “I am important.  So is everyone else.  I will never use my importance to put someone else down, and I will never allow their importance to put me down.” 

How does he apply this quote to his life?  “In life and in business, what you are trying to do, in my humble opinion, is establish equality with the person you’re with.   Without that equality, how do you communicate?  When you engage with a human being, 93% of the process is nonverbal.  It’s how  you’re being perceived the energy you exude.  And that’s always carried with me over the past few decades and helped me to grow my business and my life.”


Click here to listen to the entire interview and find out Mike’s “Entrepreneurial AHA Moment.” 

Getting the Most out of Your CRM System

Thinking of implementing a CRM system?  Mike Blinder thinks that would be a wise move.  “Many media companies are implementing some form of a CRM system,” said Mike during a recent interview with  “They are realizing the need to keep track of customers and get results.” 

However, if you feel a CRM system is just another database or report generator you probably won’t reap the benefits being seen by so many media companies.  “The trick with CRM is it being used to manage customers,” said Mike.  “I’d like to see it used more as a management tool, as a coach to get the troops to do their job effectively.” 

Here are tips from the article for getting the most out of your CRM system:

Coach your sales team using the CRM by examining the metrics weekly.  “Seeing the data in black and white can help managers guide account executives to the best

Get support from the top.  Make sure that part of the training “includes talking to upper management about the importance of its role in encouraging effective use of the CRM.”

Invest the time.  Have managers take the time to understand how to use the system for their day-to-day operations.  It will become such a valuable tool, you won’t be able to manage sales without it.

Integrate into other systems.  If possible, see if your CRM system can be integrated into your company’s accounting or business systems or event email.  “Many also have mobile apps available for smartphones and tablets.”

Get trained.  Contract trainers that can provide onsite training and work with your managers and sales reps on utilizing the system in order to receive maximum benefit.

Click here to read this entire article. 

Join Mike in Chicago Nov 11 & 12 to Transform Your Local Sales Model

Inland Press Foundation in partnership with The Blinder Group will be hosting a two-day program in Chicago that will guide participants through a top-to-bottom, deep-dive into the steps newspaper advertising sales organizations must take to transform themselves for maximum success.  Transforming the Local Sales Model, facilitated by Mike Blinder, id designed to take a holistic approach to sales transformation, showing how every element of the sales process can work in concert to optimize sales force performance, customer satisfaction and product ROI. 

Featuring proven sales experts, sessions will cover everything from creating print and digital products to recruiting, training and compensating a transformed sales team to utilizing new sales tools—you’ll come away with strategies and tactics that can be implemented as soon as you get back to the office.


Transforming the Local Sales Model November 11 & 12 The Palmer House 17 E. Monroe St, Chicago

Click here for more information, including program registration and hotel reservations.